Talent ID

Our biggest ever multi-sport campaign #DiscoverYourPotentialKenya aims to identify athletes with the potential to be champions
Aspire Sports Kenya is the biggest multi-sport talent identification campaign in Kenyan history.

Many sports organisations are invited to partners with us and are involved in #DiscoverYourPotentialKenya, a partnership between Aspire Sports Kenya, and a range of Local, National and International Governing Bodies, targeting 15-24 year olds* to be fast-tracked into the exciting world of high performance sport.

#DiscoverYourPotentialKenya has five strands, each of which will identify athletes with some specific requirements.

  • #DiscoverYour ParaPotential - athletes over 15 years old (*no upper age limit), with an eligible impairment suitable for para sports.
  • #DiscoverYour StylePotential - athletes who have a background in creative and artistic sports such as gymnastics or acrobatics, along with other performance and extreme activities, for sports including Freestyle Ski and Snowboard (Park and Pipe).
  • #DiscoverYour GiantPotential - tall strong male athletes (over 188cm tall) and female athletes (over 178cm tall) for sports including Volleyball and Netball.
  • #DiscoverYour PowerPotential - athletes with a speed or power background for sports including Track, Sprint.
  • #DiscoverYour FightPotential - athletes with or without a combat sport background who are interested in sports including Taekwondo, Judo and Women’s Boxing.