In order to create an environment to succeed, Aspire Sports Kenya developed the pioneering ‘Mission’ review process which tracks, checks and challenges each sport on their success journey. 

The Mission, which was originally developed for Aspire Sports Kenya programs, is a tool to ensure continuous improvement and has improved our ability to identify issues and find solutions before they have a negative impact on athletes’ performances.

 We work with each sport’s performance team to assess and reflect on areas of strength and weakness. Sports analyse elements of their athlete development and support programmes in three key areas;

  • Athletes - performances, development profiles, well-being, health, & commitment
  • System - the staff, structures, facilities, processes, knowledge and expertise
  • Climate - the culture, feel and day-to-day function experienced by athletes and staff

Once a year each sport undertakes an extensive review during which progress is measured using a traffic light system and action plans are developed on a plan-do-review basis. This is supplemented by a six month check-in.

We work with each sport to improve, share knowledge and identify areas where external expert support from another sport, the Local and Nation sports institutions, or even from another ‘performance’ industry - such as the arts or the business sector - is needed.