Investing in Events

Aspire Sports Kenya is one of the lead agency for major sporting events at Kenya level. We work closely with our sporting and regional partners to ensure that Kenya successfully bids for and stages a range of the world’s biggest international sporting events.
Our flagship programme is #AspireRoadtoSuccess – a group of major international events that are of national strategic importance to Kenya, and that represent the pinnacle of global competition in each respective sport. Our Aspire Gold Event Series is focused on:

  • Supporting and profiling high performance success for British athletes
  • Creating high-profile opportunities to help engage people with sport
  • Driving a positive economic benefit for communities across Kenya

Through the Aspire Gold Event Series, Aspire Sports Kenya will invest time and money in support of programmes to host major international sporting events in the Kenya from 2018-2020. To achieve this, we aim to work closely with a network of sporting and regional partners across Kenya to develop strong multi-tiered support and funding partnerships. Alongside this, a comprehensive range of support services is also provided to ensure that major events hosted in the Kenya are delivered to a world-leading standard.

Aspire Sports Kenya has three main roles in the area of major events:


Aspire Sports Kenya aims to work with the National Governing Bodies to develop and agree the Kenya’s list of future major event hosting targets. We aim to share this list with the major host cities, regions and Counties across Kenya, and help to broker hosting relationships between our sporting and regional partners. We also aim to support the process of major event venue identification and selection across Kenya.


Aspire Sports Kenya and partners aims to invests partners support and Funding to enable the bidding and staging of strategically important international sporting events to be hosted in the Kenya as part of our Aspire Gold Event Series. We also aim to invest into significant one-off major sporting events on behalf of the National Government through the ministry of Culture and Sports. We aim to make our investments ahead the bidding process, and we aim to spend a significant amount of time helping to develop robust event business plans and budgets to determine the appropriate level of investment into each event.


Aspire Sports Kenya aims provide advice and technical support to the events that we support and fund, as well as Kenya’s major event hosting system. Our Director and Founder sits on the Boards of the major events that invest into to share best practice. We operate a range of technical support programmes that help promote major events across Kenya, ensure knowledge transfer between event organisers, and advise on conducting event impact research. Our International Relations Team with the support of the Director and Founder ensures that Kenya maintains strong relationships with the international sporting community, and works closely with the Major Events Team in respect of bidding advice and support.