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Christmas Outreach Campaign


Aspire Sports is starting this year’s Christmas campaign a bit earlier in hopes we can reach out to more people for donations as our goal is a bit higher than in the past. This outreach will be in the Nairobi area and involve fundraising for children on the streets. Our goal is to reach between 300-500 of these street children. Many of them have been on the streets due to being abandoned or through the loss of their parents or guardian.

Donations will go towards providing clothing, food and personal hygiene products as well as a special Christmas meal. Obviously, we can’t accomplish this on our own, so we are reaching out and asking for assistance in making this happen through donations.

No donation is too small. You can click on the amount or on the “other” button to choose an amount that fits your budget. You can utilize your credit card or your PayPal account.

Pictures will be posted so you can see your donation dollars at work on the day we deliver the goods. Thank you for your support and for restoring hope to these children through giving.

Edinah Rotich – Founder and CEO Aspire Sports Kenya
Stan Simmons - Director

Christmas Outreach Campaign

Help Aspire Sports Kenya

Your donation will help us assist young Kenyans to participate in sports, excel in sports and be healthier. Your donation helps us provide:

• basic needs such as athletic shoes and clothing
• coaching
• athlete advocacy
• athlete development

Whatever amount no matter how small will help us help youth athletes succeed. Please use the convenient donation window below to donate by credit card. Thank You!

Help Aspire Sports Kenya

Help the Ark Children's Home in Thika, Kenya

Edinah Rotich of Aspire Sports Kenya will visit the Ark Children's Home in Thika on June 30th, 2018. The goal is to help provide food and important educational supplies such as writing materials to these children. The need for food is obvious and the need for education is extremely important as well. Help us empower the next generation of Kenyans to create a better life for all.

Sport and Athlete Development

Aspire Sports Kenya is the nation’s high-performance sports agency, founded and currently funded by Edinah Rotich and supported by a number of partners. Our mission is to work in partnership to lead all sport in the Kenya to world class success. Aspire Sports Kenya’s investment and strategic direction aims to help Kenya sports and athletes deliver medals at every level of sporting events.

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Aspire Sports Kenya was founded by people who understand the challenges that face both established athletes and children who may some day compete on the world stage. With support it is possible for young people to develop into top ranked athletes, however the mandate of Aspire Sports Kenya includes all children. Engaging in healthy play and sport develops good habits and life skills necessary for all young people to succeed in life. 

Please help us fund programs to give kids a chance to have the sports programs, equipment and even basic things like footwear and clothing necessary to participate in sports.